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Intelligent geotextile, TenCate GeoDetect.

Intelligent geotextile, TenCate GeoDetect.
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    TenCate Geosynthetics develops and produces synthetics fabrics, non-wovens and grids for infrastructure and civil engineering.

Figure: An example how strain is monitored into a geotextile reinforced wall using Geodetect®.


TenCate Geosynthetics integrates FBGS fiber onto a geotextile fabric to create patented “intelligent” Geotextile, TenCate GeoDetect®.


The heterogeneous nature of soil creates significant variability in geotechnical design. The strain values that have been monitored with this technology in geotechnical applications range from 0.001% up to 2.0%, with a potential for higher strain values. 


The FBGS fiber, which uses DTG technology, gives them the strength, precision, reliability and accuracy that is required in geotechnical applications for long term performance.