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Strain Measurement Wires for Monitoring Asphalt Pavement Layers


The Energy & Materials in Infrastructure & Buildings (EMIB) department of the University of Antwerp carried out a study on the use of ruggedized FBG sensors for asphalt monitoring. FBGS´ Strain Measurement Wires (“SMW” product line) were installed both in prefabricated asphalt specimens at the bottom of the base layer as well as in the surface of the previously constructed asphalt layer. The installation of the FBG monitoring system was part of the Cycle Pavement Technologies “CyPaTs“ project -  https://www.uantwerpen.be/en/research-groups/emib/projects-publications/road-engineering/cypats/


Strain measurements were recorded while loaded trucks were crossing the sensing zone with a 100% survival rate of the FBG sensors. Numerous sensors installed between the asphalt layers allow for a better description of the behavior of the asphalt layers under loading and enable real time monitoring. This application is not only interesting to monitor the pavement construction process but also during operational use being able to count or even weigh passing traffic on a street.  


FBGS’ SMW technology based on DTG®s is capable to provide strain data for the service life of the asphalt layers during subsequent monitoring campaigns. Furthermore, due to the high measurement accuracy this technology is also applicable to visualize deformation and to monitor the asphalt layers over time with respect to aging, fatigue and rutting.


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