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How Does THE Mechanical Strength of a DTG® or FSG® Compare to Other FBG Types?

In comparison to the conventional Strip-and-Recoat inscription process, FBGS’s Draw Tower Gratings (DTG®s) and FemtoSecond Gratings (FSG®s) maintain a pristine high mechanical-strength of the optical fiber. Their tensile strength typically exceeds 5GPa, which corresponds to a breakage strain of >7%. In contrast, the alternative femtosecond through-coating process designated as Point-by-Point (PbP) and the classical Strip-and-Recoat manufacturing process suffer from producing sensors with weaker tensile strength of less than 2.9% for the same type optical fiber.  The graph below displays the averaged measured breaking force of optical fibers (single FBG in each fiber) with different FBG inscription technologies. It is evident that FBGS´s DTG® and FSG® products offer superior mechanical strength with no significant reduction in the breaking force compared to a pristine optical fiber.  


Mechanical strength comparison


Comparison of Tensile Strength for Different FBG Inscription Technologies