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What type of protections can be applied for strain monitORING in harsh environments?

Measurement of strain in harsh environments often requires a special protection of the DTG- fiber. In order to accomplish this, FBGS offers a wide range of protective jackets which can be applied over the full length of the DTG-fiber array using a continuous process.


The protective DTG-fiber array is intended for strain sensing in harsh environments and makes the fiber more resilient to damage and easier to handle. In addition, the buffer protects the fiber against aggressive chemical environments or substances.


Different buffering materials are available, depending on the nature of the application: GFRP (Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic) and Hytrel can be applied.


  • The GFRP buffered DTG-fiber array has a relatively high stiffness and is designed for embedding in rigid structures (e.g. in concrete)
  • The Hytrel buffered DTG-fiber array requires a longer fixation length and is designed for embedding in more flexible structures (e.g. in geotextiles)


More information about products based on these protective jackets can be found under our product category Strain sensors.