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How to strip ORMOCER coated DTG® fiber

The ORMOCER® coating (ORganic MOdified CERamic) used on the DTG-LBL-830_1550 fiber is different from standard acrylate coating used for telecom Single Mode Fiber (SMF). The most prominent differences are: (1) its higher stiffness, (2) its improved adhesion to glass and (3) the smaller diameter of the coated fiber (195 µm as opposed to typically 250 µm).


Stripping of the ORMOCER® coating can be done either mechanically or either chemically.


Mechanical stripping

Mechanical stripping can be done using a standard fiber optic stripping tool, as shown in the figure below.


Standard fibre optic stripping tool - Miller FO 103-D-250.

Figure: Standard fibre optic stripping tool - Miller FO 103-D-250.


Due to the increased adhesion to glass, more force is needed to strip the fiber and the coating will come off in flakes. Therefore, after stripping, it is recommended to wipe the fiber with a cleaning solution in order to remove any remaining coating.


Chemical stripping

Chemical stripping can be done with the chemical liquid dichloromethane (methylene chloride). For this, the fiber section to be stripped has to be placed in a closed container that contains a little bit of this liquid, as shown in the picture below.


Figure: Closed container containing Dichloremethane


The fiber does not need to be placed in the liquid itself. It is sufficient that it is in the vapor that fills up the rest of the container. However, it needs to be kept in the container long enough: for at least 10 minutes. After that, the coating very easily comes off.


Thermal stripping

With this methodology, the coating is removed by using a combination of mechanical stripping and heating of the coating. Thermal stripping can be done by using the High Strength Adjustable Thermal Stripper. You can find more specific product information on the following link .